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Adapt your business to the AI era.

We have innovatively engineered a technology that is centered on grounding the power of artificial intelligence for everyone. You will be able to train your own ai in your native language.
Yes! you heard that right! Our technology empowers you to train your AI assistant in just five simple steps and bring 24/7 support service to your business.

AI Support Chatbots

Our chatbot assistants are easy to integrate into existing systems and platforms,
adding value to businesses of all sizes worldwide.

Feeds on every conversation
to improve your future interactions
24/7 support
always available for your clients
Program your own AI bot
with natural language, without code
Automation of repetitive tasks
and increase productivity
Using AI and machine
learning to answer queries
Easy to use interface

Easily Export Your Chatbots

Upload your business information and have your assistant ready to ask any question related to your business 24/7

How can I create an account?

How do I reset my password?

What products do you sell?

What's your business hours?

Can you send me the link to your website?

How do I contact customer support?

10x Faster and Better Support

Optimize Support Efficiency for Reduced Workload

Traditional Support

Handle support requests manually, and as your user base grows, steadily expand your support team.

Resource-Intensive Scaling, Including Hiring New Agents

Dependence on Support Agent Feedback

Dealing with Repetitive Queries

Challenging to Provide Support Across All Time Zones

AI Assistants

Let AI manage repetitive and time-consuming requests, allowing you to focus on driving business growth.

Provide Instantaneous Responses to Support Requests

Gain Insights into User Sentiment and Identify Content Gaps

Enable Proficiency in Handling Complex Queries through Training

Efficiently Scale with Minimal Cost Expansion

Manage your data.

Your Information, your control. Integrate PDFs, websites, docs, and more containing your business information and FAQs and most importantly: no technical skills required and you will also have access to a business profile where you can feed the AI with your business info for life

Multiple Integrations

Whatsapp (soon)




Make your support be available across multiple channels
so your business is always available for your customers

Start creating your AI assistants today!

Unlock the Power of AI with My GPT Assistants - One Plan, Infinite Possibilities.

Looking for a corporate solution? Contact us.

Popular plan

$1500 / then $60/month (1kusers)

No more complex codes or boring designs. Creating an attractive and functional site.

  • Embed on your website
  • Messages Logs
  • Multiple custom knowledge data sources



No more complex codes or boring designs. Creating an attractive and functional site.

  • Whatsapp
  • Telegram
  • Discord
  • HTML
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